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Advanced Dental Technology

Learn more about the technologies offered to you in our office and how these new innovations in dentistry can improve your dental experience and enhance the care you receive.

Air Abrasion 

Many patients fear the drill, which is sometimes unnecessary for small fillings. Our leading edge practice offers air abrasion for a comfortable alternative when indicated. Air abrasion uses a stream of pressurized air and tiny aluminum oxide particles to gently remove decay and prepare the tooth for a filling without the heat or vibration of the drill. Learn more

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Aqua Abrasion 

Much like air abrasion, aqua abrasion uses a stream of highly pressurized water to remove decay and prepare for restorations. Aqua abrasion can also be used to clean and polish teeth. It’s so comfortable, many patients don’t need anesthetic injections.

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CEREC One-Visit Crowns 

Your smile is valuable and so is your time. Now you can have strong, beautiful, porcelain crowns milled and placed in a single office visit. With CEREC technology, many of our patients have enjoyed the convenience of single-visit crowns. Learn more

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Laser Technology 

A part of medical surgeries for many years, lasers now offer dental patients precise, efficient, effective, and minimally-invasive treatments, as well as reduced healing time. They also function in many other capacities to improve patient care and treatments, from gum disease therapy to super-fast teeth whitening procedures. Learn more

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Dr. Doctor performs dental procedures looking through a surgical microscope, which allows for 3-20x magnification. Microscope-enhanced dentistry allows Dr. Doctor the ability to see details that would go unnoticed to the naked eye. Learn more


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VELscope Oral Cancer Screening 

Early detection is key in the fight against oral cancer. In addition to a well-trained eye, Dr. Doctor and his team use ViziLite and VELscope oral cancer screening. These advanced methods use UV light and fluorescence to detect areas of concern that might otherwise go unnoticed. Learn more

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DIAGNOdent Laser Cavity Detection 

One of the most common services offered to you is the identification and filling of cavities, portions of the tooth that have decayed. To make the process more comfortable and comprehensive, we use DIAGNOdent, a revolutionary dental laser that is sixty percent more accurate in detecting decay than x-rays alone.

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PreXion Cone Beam CT 

the most advanced imaging technology available, Cone Beam CT is similar to a medical CT scan, but is much quicker and with much less radiation exposure. Up to eighty percent less, in fact. Using our PreXion Cone Beam CT, Dr. Doctor is able to plan dental implant and oral surgeries, orthodontics, even root canal therapy, with more precision than ever before. Plus, Dr. Doctor has a CT scanner at both his Southlake and Arlington offices.  Learn more

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Platelet Rich Fibrin Technique

This modern miracle allows Dr. Doctor to use a patient’s own cells to grow new bone instead of requiring grafts with harvested bone or synthetic materials. By centrifuging blood, it separates into layers, including a PRF containing clot. The PRF is applied to the site during oral surgery, encouraging the body’s natural process and generating additional bone mass where desired. PRF can be used in sinus lifts and bone grafts for dental implant patients.


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