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Dental Air Abrasion

Aquacut Quattro is the ideal tool for minimally invasive and cosmetic dentistry. Its patient-friendly stain removal and cavity preparation make it a favorite with your patients.

Unique handpiece creates a fluid curtain around the powder medium, for increased efficiency during cutting, and control of airborne powder and debris.

Prophy and cavity preparation without rotation

The Aquacut fluid abrasion system from Velopex has been widely acclaimed by practitioners seeking more patient-friendly approaches to caries treatment and general dentistry.  This versatile cutting and cleaning instrument offers important benefits to both Dr. Doctor and patient. It can even be used for veterinary dentistry.

Less patient trauma

Unlike conventional rotary cutting instruments, the Aquacut is not in direct contact with the tooth structure.  There is no vibration, heat generation, turbine noise or smell.  Local anaesthesia is seldom needed, saving time and making the Aquacut ideal for treating young, nervous or needle-phobic patients.

Unique particle control technology

The Aquacut Quattro’s patented handpiece delivers a high-speed fluid stream, fed from a self-contained reservoir, to create a liquid curtain around the abrasive medium.  This provides comfortable and efficient cavity preparation.

The perfect tool for modern adhesive dentistry

The Aquacut Quattro is the right tool for today’s adhesive dentistry.   It enables the rapid repair of composites and leaves cavity surfaces rough and ready for receiving the bonding agent and the filling materials.  It is excellent for the repair of composites and of existing fillings that have begun to fail.

Safe, conservative cutting

The Aquacut Quattro cuts quickly but very conservatively, minimising the removal of sound tooth material, with risk of chipping or stress fracturing is eliminated.

Effective stain removal

In cleaning mode, the Aquacut Quattro is a valuable tool for the hygienist.  It is highly efficient at stain removal and cleaning.  It also increases the effectiveness of tooth whitening procedures.