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CEREC Technology

With the CEREC Acquisition system, Dr. Doctor can complete all of your care in just one visit - start to finish!

Our CEREC CAD/CAM unit allows our offices to better treat our patients through offering them a much stronger restoration that looks incredible.

With the use of this new machine, we can create a far more superior restoration on the basis of strength and aesthetics than could the antiquated mill unit. With the use of the next generation in office milling technology, we can offer our patients multiple unit restorations and temporaries in the same day.


Within a few minutes, Dr. Doctor clicks a button and the restoration design data that has been created is sent to a separate milling machine (a machine which cuts the restoration material to very precise standards), right in our office. A block of ceramic material matching your tooth shade is placed into this machine. In approximately 10 to 20 minutes, your all-ceramic, tooth-colored restoration is ready to be bonded into place.

The ceramic fillings and crowns produced by the CEREC system look completely natural so that they blend perfectly with all the teeth around the milled units. CEREC restorations are also of exceptional strength and are especially appropriate for use in the back teeth which bear the force of grinding the food.

With the advent of bonding, porcelain veneers, and a variety of cosmetic dental procedures, the placement of unaesthetic metal restorations is no longer necessary. Because it is able to produce any single-tooth restoration, CEREC shines in this area also, allowing Dr. Doctor to repair chipped or discolored front teeth with highly aesthetic ceramic crowns or veneers.

The CEREC system has been proven in use for nearly 20 years, producing over six million strong and beautiful dental restorations.

Ask us about CEREC technology today!

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