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Diagnosis Dental Issues with Digital X-Rays

X-rays provide the basis for the complete and accurate diagnosis of almost every dental condition. In recent years, you may have heard rumors concerning over-exposure to radiation from dental x-rays. Now, however, digital x-ray technology is helping Dr. Doctor address the concerns of our patients.

Digital radiography produces sharp, clear images displayed instantly on Dr. Doctor's computer screen, right before your eyes! Digital x-rays require just a fraction of the amount of radiation than do traditional, “film,” x-rays.

Dr. Doctor positions a small sensor in your mouth to capture the x-rays. The corners of the sensor are rounded for increased comfort and easier placement than of the holders used for taking traditional x-rays. The results are a sharper image, with less scatter, aiding Dr. Doctor in diagnosis and prevention. Digital x-rays are preferred because they provide greater comfort, and greater relaxation.

The image is created almost immediately, allowing Dr. Doctor to quickly, and accurately, diagnose dental anomalies, while remaining at the chair-side. You will be able to view the images on a chair-side computer screen or, coming soon, an iPad. Dr. Doctor will use such visuals to help you understand your treatment options or show you informative videos.

All of your images are stored in protected patient charts on our computer, allowing for easy retrieval if they should ever need to be sent to a specialist or if you would like to automatically submit them to your insurance provider.

With digital radiography, we are able to produce the finest and safest dental x-rays ever available.

You can experience the most advanced system for taking dental radiographs (x-rays) available in our office with Dexis Digital Radiography.  Dexis Radiography is a revolutionary method to capture each area of your mouth with computerized x-rays.  The benefits are numerous, including:

Dr. Doctor and his team are dedicated to providing you with the highest standard of care by using only the best technology available, in the most sterile environment, including DIAGNOdent Laser Cavity Detection, to benefit your health and those you care about most.

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These are the new technologies that Dr. Doctor offers: