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Emergency Dentist in Southlake, Arlington, & Austin

You can’t plan for your next dental emergency, but you can help yourself be more prepared by knowing Dr. Ravi Doctor and Dr. Ryan Beelman are your emergency dentist in Arlington and Southlake. Toothaches, broken teeth, and other urgent situations require immediate attention for quick solutions and resumed oral health. You don’t have time to wait for an appointment, so we are happy to welcome walk-ins, too. But does your issue count as a dental emergency? And what should you do immediately after a knocked out or broken tooth? Read our guide for dental emergencies and know to call our office immediately!

What Counts as a Dental Emergency?

Many times, patients do not seek the urgent dental care they need because they don’t realize they are experiencing a dental emergency. But in general, if you have a pain in your mouth, you’ve got an urgent situation.

Dr. Doctor and Dr. Beelman, your emergency dentists in Southlake, treat the following problems:

In most cases, your emergency dentist provides the care you need. But remember that anytime you are experiencing uncontrolled bleeding (bleeding that does not stop or slow after 10 minutes) you should head straight to the emergency room.

What Do I Do After a Knocked Out Tooth?

If you or a loved one have suffered a tooth that has been knocked out, rapid attention is necessary for the best chance of reattachment. Call Dr. Doctor or Dr. Beelman immediately -- remember we are happy to take emergency walk-ins in Arlington and Southlake.

Additional steps for a tooth knocked out include:

What To Do After a Broken Tooth?

Collect the larger pieces of the tooth for possible reattachment after you’ve experienced a broken tooth. Visit your emergency dentist immediately.

How to Manage Pain, Bleeding, and Swelling

You will likely experience discomfort and bleeding after a dental emergency. Take an over-the-counter pain medication (like Tylenol or Aleve) to alleviate pain until you can reach your emergency dentist’s office. To stop bleeding, apply gentle, consistent pressure with a clean gauze or cloth. Reduce swelling by applying an ice pack to the affected area in 10-minute intervals in the first few hours following a dental emergency.

Save Our Number Today!

The most important thing to remember in a dental emergency is to remain calm. It’s easier to keep your cool when you know we accept emergency walk-ins in Southlake and Arlington -- because when you’ve got a dental emergency, you don’t have time to waste. Call us at (682) 305-2765 the next time you’re experiencing an urgent situation. We’ll get you in to see the doctor as soon as possible!