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Endodontics/Root Canal Therapy

The Procedure

Very often bacteremias reach through to the pulpal chamber after passing through the outer tooth structure. At this point, one of several serious events could occur. The gathering of bacteria will cause the development of an embolus into the bloodstream, a life-threatening infection called cellulitis, or result in the irreversible extraction of the whole tooth. The only way to keep this from happening, and avoiding latent complication, is through persistent preventive maintenance or endodontic/root canal therapy. Dr. Doctor uses the most advanced training and innovations in technology to target the infected nerve and destroy any remaining infection.

Dr. Doctor has trained with World Renowned Dr. Clifford Ruddle and Dr. Stephan Buchannon.

Please, talk to Dr. Doctor, or any of his knowledgeable team, if you feel you may be in need of endodontic/root canal therapy.

Learn more about endodontics and root canal therapy in our patient education section

Here are some of the endodontic/root canal therapy procedures that are performed by Dr. Doctor, in his Arlington and Southlake offices: