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General & Preventive Dentistry for Southlake, Arlington, & Austin

As most dentists offer only very few, simple, everyday measures of health care, Dr. Doctor goes above and beyond this. He can provide the most current information regarding diagnosis, treatment, and alternative options, plus, uses the most innovative techniques to help you learn as much as possible about all of the very effective ways to control your own personal oral health and home hygiene, using visual aids.

"Preventive Dentistry can help you save your teeth."

Here are just a few of the various methods used time and time again by Dr. Doctor to help you get rid of bad breath, maintain the healthiest oral environment, and keep a very healthy smile:

In general, good health is invaluable--that includes oral health. Research shows a significant correlation between oral disease and systemic health conditions (Varallo, 2011). Gum disease can increase a person’s risk for stroke, heart attack, Alzheimer’s disease, and other complex systemic health issues (Geraci, 1997; Glenn, 2010; McGreevy, 2010). Furthermore, oral cancer is responsible for nearly eight thousand deaths in America each year.

Early detection and treatment could save your life.

Regular checkups are essential to allow Dr. Doctor and his knowledgable team to diagnose areas of concern. Dr. Doctor can help to improve and better your lifestyle, which is supported by the federal government (Lisa, 2010). Good teeth will bring happiness and healthiness for a lifetime.

Our preventive dentistry services include:

Learn more about general dentistry in our patient education section

Reserve your personal consultation with Dr. Doctor today by phone or email. We are dedicated to making patients across the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex smile. Our conveniently located Southlake and Arlington dental offices deliver an exemplary experience in contemporary dentistry.


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