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Guided Tissue Regeneration with Resorbable Membrane

The following diagrams describe the process of guided tissue (bone) regeneration.   The use of a resorbable, or non-resorbable, artificial membrane to keep unwanted gum tissue away from the tooth and underlying bone permits the undisturbed re-growth of new bone and thus additional stability of the tooth:

The diagram on the right shows a bone defect.  The gum has been flapped-back to visualize the full extent of the damage.

After the bone defect and the root surface has been adequately cleaned and debrided, bone grafting material is then placed into the defect.

The guided-tissue membrane is then placed over the bone to seal the bone and prevent the gum from migrating between the bone and the tooth surface.

Finally, the gum placed back over the membrane and closed with sutures (stitches). If the membrane is non-resorbable, it will hopefully remain for 6 weeks and then removed surgically.  If the membrane is resorbable, the secondary surgical procedure will not be necessary.

After 3 to 4 months the bone has then regenerated, hopefully to its original height.  The pocket will then have reduced to a cleansable depth, hopefully 3 mm or less.

These are the grafting services that we offer in our Southlake and Arlington offices: