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Laser Cavity Detection

A Reliable, Accurate, and Objective Diagnostic Tool

Laser cavity detection is a laser-based diagnostic technique that allows Dr. Doctor and his hygeinist to diagnose your teeth reliably, accurately, and objectively. Until DIAGNOdent, the dental explorer was used to check for cavities. The diagnosis did not afford any differentiation between discoloration and early decay. Now, with DIAGNOdent, we can substantively evaluate your teeth and detect cavities earlier, preventing more extensive damage from decay.

With early detection, our patients receive the benefit of conservative, less costly treatment. This means less time spent away from family and work doing larger procedures that are high in cost and could have been prevented!

Laser cavity detection is another first-step-approach to stop decay before it starts!

Diagnodent cavity detection comparison

Dental explorer attempting to detect dental decay in a tooth. 

Note that the explorer is not able to reach the decay. The cavity will continue growing until it is much, much larger.

With DIAGNOdent Laser Cavity Detection, the laser safely, and without any discomfort, detects the early-forming cavity.

This method greatly benefits our patients and allows Dr. Doctor to treat areas quickly and conservatively.

These are the new technologies that Dr. Doctor offers: