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Laser Bacterial Decontamination


When periodontal disease develops, the pathologic bacteria can become embedded in the gum line, creating an infection. In addition to affecting the gum, ligament, and bone, this bacterium can enter the blood stream and influence systemic health conditions. A laser may be recommended to treat your periodontal infection. The laser uses light energy to target only the causative bacteria and infected gum tissue. The desired result is healthier, shallow pockets.

Laser Ulcer Treatment

Canker and Aphthous Sores

A laser can be used in the removal of oral mucosa that causes abnormal irritation or pain. This is a minimally invasive procedure that requires little to no local anesthetic.

If you feel laser dentistry might be the right option for you, ask Dr. Doctor right away!

Learn more about laser dentistry in our patient education section

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