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PRF Membranes

We also use advanced technology and medical innovation to speed up the healing process of your dental implants. Platelet Rich Fibrin encourages rapid healing so you can have your implant or bone graft finished as soon as possible. Variations of this technology are used in plastic surgery to heal scars as well as in orthopedic surgery to stimulate bone healing. 

Platelet Rich Fibrin is derived from the concentration of your own blood platelets and your own infection fighting white blood cells. While some platelet concentrates used in surgery use anticoagulants or thrombin from the bovine, our Platelet Rich Fibrin is completely natural with no added chemicals or animal byproducts. Instead, they are made from your own cells and concentrate many growth factors that speed the healing of implants, gum grafts, and bone grafts.

These are the new technologies that Dr. Doctor offers: