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Superior Scaling & Root Planing

Scaling and Root planing (deep cleaning) is a surgical procedure that removes the build-up of calculus and stain from the infected tooth root structure, beneath the gum line.

Oral pathogens often trigger chronic systemic diseases that could lead to other more serious complications such as acute coronary syndrome or fatal myocardial attack. Dental plaque consists of different subgingival microbial complexes that colonize in the biofilm and destroy the protective enzymes (amylase) that fight disease and decay. If these organisms are not removed, they will lead to the lysis (ultimate loss) of permanent teeth and residual supporting bone strength and turgor.

There is a solution. Dr. Doctor’s dental hygienist will use an advanced, Piezo Scaler that removes the dangerous deposits before this occurs. The Piezo Scaler causes the instrument tip to oscillate thousands of times per second and create an effective means of calculus removal. Irrigation is used to cool the tip of the instrument and wash away deadly bacteria all with little or no pain.

If you suspect you may need a deep cleaning, ask Dr. Doctor, or his dental hygienist, about the best treatment alternative for you.

Learn more about scaling & root planing in our patient education section

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