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SonicWeld RX

For patients who don’t have enough bone density to support a dental implant or implant-supported dentures, bone grafting can offer some hope. During a bone graft procedure, bone tissue is taken from the patient’s own body or from a tissue bank and added to the specific part of the jaw that needs to be strengthened. And to aid in the process, Dr. Ravi Doctor utilizes a tool called the SonicWeld RX, from KLS Martin.

SonicWeld RX helps with osteosynthesis, which is the process of arresting and healing bone fractures, and lets Dr. Doctor use resorbable pins instead of sutures to stitch membranes following a bone grafting procedure. Resorbable pins are safe, can be completely absorbed by the patient as healing occurs, and are placed using ultrasound vibrations, a process that takes only seconds. Following a bone graft, it will take a little time for the new bone tissue to naturally bond with existing tissue, but once that bond has formed, patients can look forward to receiving the implants their smile needs for restored function and aesthetics.