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Benefits of Dental Implants - Southlake, TX

Every year, millions of Americans lose teeth. Whether because of severe decay, periodontal disease or traumatic injury, replacement is vital in order to maintain oral as well as general health. Although there are several ways to rebuild your smile, there is one that’s preferable. Read about the benefits of dental implants in Southlake and then you’ll understand why Dr. Doctor recommends this tooth replacement whenever possible.

See a Younger Looking You!

3D animation of implant supported dental crown

Just one missing tooth in your smile can add years to your appearance because people associate tooth loss with old age. But it’s not only that. Missing teeth can actually alter the structure of your face. When you lose a tooth, you lose the root, too. That root was responsible for keeping your jaw healthy by stimulating new bone tissue growth for a strong jawline. A dental implant replicates a root in form and function, helping to keep you looking younger.

Maintain a Healthy Diet

People dealing with tooth loss—and even some that wear partial or full dentures—must sometimes cut out certain foods at mealtime that are just too difficult to chew. Unfortunately, this can impact the nutrition your body receives. But with dental implants, you can eat a variety of foods and have well-balanced meals.

The Look and Feel of a Natural Tooth

Woman with dental implants

Because dental implants closely replicate the structure of a natural tooth, they are the most lifelike replacement on the market today. There is simply no comparison between the look and feel of a dental implant and other replacements such as a removable partial or denture.

Enjoy Good Oral Health

Because dental implants are stand-alone tooth replacements, they don’t impinge on any of your other teeth. A partial denture, on the other hand, has clasps or brackets that must be attached to adjacent teeth while crowns need to be mounted on teeth to support a bridge. That’s not the case with dental implants. And because dental implants help maintain jawbone health, you’re also less likely to experience additional tooth loss when you choose dental implants.

Dental Implants are Easy to Maintain

Smiling couple

What do you have to do to take care of your dental implants? Exactly what you do to take care of your own teeth. Brush twice a day with fluoride toothpaste and floss at least once a day.

Enjoy Self-Confidence Again

Just one missing tooth can affect the way you feel about yourself—to say nothing of how several missing teeth can make you feel. But with dental implants, you’ll be able to speak, smile, laugh and eat with confidence.

Dental Implants for a Lifetime

With proper oral hygiene care and regular dental checkups, you can enjoy the benefits of dental implants in Southlake for your whole life. Unlike removable prosthetics that need maintenance and eventual replacement, there are no such concerns with dental implants.