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Hybrid Dentures in Southlake Offer Beauty and Security

February 15, 2019

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older man smilingIf you’ve decided to get dentures in order to remedy tooth loss, then you’ve made a great choice. Dentists have long used dentures to replace all of a patient’s missing teeth. Today, however, you must also decide what kind of dentures you want.  No doubt you know about removable dentures that sit on top of your gums. But did you know that dentures could be attached to dental implants for a stronger foundation? Called hybrid dentures in Southlake, these combine the security of dental implants with the beauty of natural looking false teeth. Read on to learn more about this type of tooth replacement.

What Are Hybrid Dentures?

Hybrid dentures are implant-retained, and they are used when all of the teeth are missing. They can replace teeth along either the top or lower jaw. Usually four to six dental implants are strategically positioned along the jaw to hold the denture in place. Unlike traditional dentures that are easily taken out of your mouth, only your dentist can remove hybrid dentures.  Because the dental implants are secured in jawbone just like teeth roots, most patients find that these dentures are more comfortable.

How Do I Get Hybrid Dentures in Arlington?

Before the process to place hybrid dentures in Arlington begins, your dentist will conduct a complete oral examination, looking for signs of gum disease and jawbone deterioration. Both of these could hinder the healing process after dental implant placement. In addition, there are some health issues, such as diabetes, that also slow the healing process.

Once this evaluation is completed and successful implantation is assured, the process can begin. First, the dental implants are surgically embedded along your jaw. Each implant is made of titanium, a biocompatible metal that integrates well with human bone and tissue. A set of temporary dentures are attached to the implants to protect tender gums and to ensure your ability to eat, talk and smile while the implants and surrounding bone bond. This process, called osseointegration usually takes between six and eight months.

After this healing process when the implants are firmly set in your jaw, the temporaries are removed and the hybrids are fixed in place.

How Should I Clean My Hybrid Dentures?

Because dental implants are supporting your new dentures, you will clean and care for them just as you do your natural teeth. Brush and floss every day, and be sure to schedule regular dental checkups.

If you have questions about hybrid dentures, or if you’re ready to schedule an evaluation, contact a dentistin Southlake to make an appointment.


Meet the Author

Dr. Ravi Doctor is a dentist in Southlake and Arlington. He and his team provide a complete menu of services to help ensure patients’ oral health and general well being. Dr. Doctor would be glad to meet with you to discuss how hybrid dentures can restore your smile.  Call the office today to schedule an appointment.

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