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New Year and a New You with Your Southlake Cosmetic Dentist

January 20, 2016

happy friends celebrating the new year with beautiful smiles thanks to their soutlhlake cosmetic dentistIf you’re dedicated to making some changes in 2016, we invite you to include a healthier, more beautiful smile part of your plan. Your dedicated, Southlake cosmetic dentist, Ravi Doctor, DDS offers patients a variety of options to restore and enhance less than perfect smiles, but whatever your 2016 goals, we’re here to offer our support.

Tooth Decay in Toddlers: What You Need to Know About Cavities in Young Children

June 26, 2014

Shutterstock Child at DentistEvery child needs strong, healthy baby teeth. These teeth help children chew food, form words, and even help guide future adult teeth into their correct positions in the arch. Early childhood caries is a highly aggressive form of tooth decay that affects children well into their preschool years. The decay is usually the result of consuming large amounts of sugary food. The sugar serves as food for bacteria, which in turn produce acid that decay the teeth.

So you may be wondering how you can protect your child from early childhood decay. It’s actually quite simple. Avoiding sugar may seem like the obvious answer, but we have to be realistic. Occasional treats are okay and shouldn’t be discouraged. Did you know that dark chocolate is actually good for your overall dental health? However, what needs to be taken into consideration are the consistency of the food and how long the sugary substance was consumed. For example, a hard candy that dissolves in your mouth is a better choice than a sticky caramel which is difficult to chew and may remain stuck in the crevices of your child’s teeth. In reference to duration, consider whether the food was consumed in a matter of minutes or was it something that the child slowly sipped on throughout the evening, like a juice or soda. By slowly sipping the sugary drink, your child is exposed to a continuous stream of sugar, resulting in a good environment for the growth of bacteria. To avoid this, don’t let your child walk around with a bottle or a sippy cup of juice. Try and appease your child with a pacifier.

We recommend that you brush your child’s teeth after every feeding, even if they don’t actually have any teeth at the moment. You can do so by gently wiping the gums with a wet gauze or wash cloth wrapped around your index finger. When teeth do start erupting; use a tiny amount of fluoridated toothpaste to gently wipe the teeth.

Finally, keep in mind that dental checkups are just as important for your child as they are for you!  Contact our office today to learn more about childhood tooth decay and to set up your appointment. Make sure you schedule your child’s visit by the time their first tooth erupts. Early dental care is important in maintaining a healthy smile and serves as the stepping stones for a great relationship with your dental team!

Custom-Made Crowns in a Single Visit from Dr. Doctor and CEREC

May 31, 2012

If you have a tooth that is severely decayed or has become cracked or broken in some way, you may need to restore it with a crown. But at many dental offices, a crown restoration takes at least two appointments—one to prep your tooth and put together a plan and a second to put your completed crown in place.

The problem with this method is that your appointment may not be limited to just one appointment. If something happens to you temporary crown in between that first and second visit, another unexpected appointment could be necessary. Maybe that temporary crown falls out while you’re flossing, or it breaks while you’re eating breakfast. Whatever the case, it can mean tacking another, unexpected appointment onto the two you were already expecting.

That’s why at Dr. Ravi Doctor’s Arlington and Southlake dental offices, we use CEREC technology to complete crown restorations in a single visit. In fact, all it takes after Dr. Doctor has taken a 3D image of the tooth we’ll be restoring is just the click of a button and our CEREC machine will begin milling your crown right in our Arlington or Southlake office.

When our CEREC machine is done, you’ll have a custom-made, natural-looking restoration that blends in with your surrounding teeth and restores strength and functionality to a tooth that might otherwise need to be pulled, and all in just one visit.

Do You Still Have Questions About CEREC?

If you still have questions about how CEREC works or whether you need a crown, give our Arlington or Southlake dental office a call. Dr. Doctor serves patients from Arlington, Southlake, and the entire DFW area.

Immediate Implant Placement for Patients from Arlington, Southlake, and Beyond

May 24, 2012

Restoring a smile with dental implants takes time. An entire procedure usually requires multiple visits spread out over a period of months, so anything we can do to eliminate some of those visits is a benefit for you. That’s why, at Dr. Ravi Doctor’s Arlington and Southlake dental offices, we offer immediate implant placement.

With immediate implant placement, Dr. Doctor can help you cut down the number of surgeries needed for your dental implant procedure, sometimes to just a single appointment. Every patient is different, of course, but if we’re able to place your implants during your extraction appointment, doing so will mean one less appointment later on.

But even if we can’t perform your implant placement on the same day as your extraction, we can still place your entire implant without needing a second appointment to uncover them. Once that’s been done, all you’ll need to do afterwards is return to our Arlington or Southlake office three to six months later so we can finish off your procedure with your implant restoration.

Learn More By Giving Us a Call!

At Dr. Doctor’s Arlington and Southlake dental office, we’re doing our best to give patients from all across the DFW area a better standard of care. To find out more about immediate implant placement, call one of our offices with your questions or to schedule an appointment. We serve patients from Arlington, Southlake, and the entire DFW area.

Above and Beyond with Continuing Education

May 22, 2012

You want the best for your smile. And that means you don’t want to trust it to just anyone. You want a dentist who has gone above and beyond what’s required, to become a truly great dentist.

At Dr. Ravi Doctor’s Arlington and Southlake dental offices, that’s what you’ll find.

Every year, Dr. Doctor accomplishes more than 200 hours of continuing education. That far exceeds the 12 hours the State Dental Board of Texas requires. Dr. Doctor also counts himself among the graduates of the Foundation for Advanced Continuing Education (FACE).

Established in 1974, FACE is dedicated to helping its students achieve a greater understanding of contemporary dental techniques, enabling them to better serve their patients. Students of FACE are trained closely with expert faculty members in a “hands-on” environment.

As a graduate of FACE, Dr. Doctor has the experience and training to help you meet your oral health needs.

Find out how Dr. Doctor can help you by exploring our website or by calling us at our Arlington or Southlake offices. Dr. Doctor serves patients from all across the DFW area. We look forward to hearing from you!