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Chao Pinhole Surgery – Southlake, TX

Gum Surgery Without Discomfort

actual patient #1 before and after procedure
actual patient #2 before and after procedure
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If you have gum disease, especially in the advanced stages, you’ve probably already started to notice gum recession. This is when the tissues pull away from the tooth roots. Not only does this make your teeth appear longer than normal, but it actually exposes the thinner layers of enamel that surround the roots. The more these layers become exposed, the higher your risk of developing tooth decay and tooth loss. While surgical gum grafts used to be the only solution in the past, Dr. Doctor has another solution. With less invasive Chao Pinhole Surgery in Southlake, he can resolve your gum recession in one appointment without making a single incision. If you’re ready to restore your gum line to the fullest, all while remaining totally comfortable through the process, give his office a call today and his team will help you get started!

Why Choose Ravi Doctor, DDS for Chao Pinhole Surgery?

  • Maintains Over 30 Years of Experience
  • Trained by Top Dental Surgeons Around the World
  • Part of Only 1,400 Dentists Who Provide It

What Exactly is Chao Pinhole Surgery?

A simulation of the Chao Pinhole Gum Rejuvenation process.

If you know someone who has undergone gum grafting, they probably mentioned that it wasn’t a fun experience. In order to replace gum tissue that previously receded, tissue needs to be taken from the roof of the mouth. When provided by a skilled doctor, the procedure is relatively painless. However, the same cannot be said for the recovery process. Not only is this process generally uncomfortable, but it can take up to a week to complete.

With Chao Pinhole Surgery, we can completely change your treatment for gum recession. To start, we only need to make a small pin-sized hole in the gum line. Then, with a set of special instruments, we stretch and massage the gums back into their original position. Using a surgical mesh, Dr. Doctor can secure them in place. What’s most amazing of all is that you only need a small amount of local anesthetic to keep yourself comfortable. Afterwards, you should feel little to no lingering soreness at all.

The Benefits of Treatment

  • Practically Painless: Through Chao Pinhole Surgery, no incisions or sutures are required. That means that there won’t be nearly as much trauma done to tissues and you won’t experience any discomfort while you’re receiving care.
  • Faster Treatment: Compared to a traditional gum graft, Chao Pinhole Surgery takes significantly less time to complete. This saves you time in the dental chair and makes your overall visit more efficient.
  • Short Recovery Time: Most patients can feel normal and recover completely within a few days. This is in stark contrast to traditional gum grafting, which can take as long as one week to recover from.
  • See Results Right Away: On the same day of your appointment, you can expect to have a natural-looking gum line; no sutures and no surgical marks to speak of!

How Can You Benefit from Chao Pinhole Surgery?

A woman smiling.

Are you experiencing gum recession as a result of gum disease or another condition? Chances are, you’re probably a great candidate for Chao Pinhole Surgery. Even if you’ve already been recommended a gum graft for your issue, we hope that you’ll take the time to meet with Dr. Doctor and see if the Chao Pinhole Technique is better for your needs. Not only can it help you avoid pain and discomfort, but it can reduce the amount of time you spend recovering!

To learn more about the treatment and learn how it can help you, you can always contact Dr. Doctor for a  consultation today!