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Gum Grafting - Southlake, TX

A healthy smile requires the right amount of bone and gums to support all of your teeth. However, tissue is often lost due to gum disease and injury. In these cases, gum grafting and tissue regeneration can help to restore the missing structure and create a good environment for replacement teeth. Keep reading to learn more about some of the procedures that Dr. Ravi Doctor offers, including guided tissue regeneration, gum grafting in Southlake, and more.

Pocket Surgery

Peridontal exam

Patients who have severe periodontitis will require surgical treatment to prevent bacteria from spreading and make at-home care and maintenance easier. One of these procedures is pocket surgery, which aims to remove bacteria from pockets that have developed around the teeth and on their roots. First, gum tissue is separated from the tooth. Bacteria is cleaned away and the gums are reattached using sutures. Bone grafting may be required along with pocket surgery for areas of significant tissue loss.

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Crown Lengthening

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When a tooth has broken off at the gum line, we may recommend crown lengthening in your treatment plan to create more space for a filling or new crown. This may also be a good route if there is simply too much gum tissue covering up the white tooth enamel (what is called a “gummy smile”). To perform crown lengthening, the tooth is first numbed using local anesthetic. Then, gum tissue is pulled away from the gum and the root is exposed. Your dentist in South Lake will next carefully remove periodontal tissue and sometimes bone tissue if necessary. Once this is complete, the gums are replaced back to the crown.

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Guided Tissue Regeneration

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A healthy mouth is quite good at healing itself, but this process may need to be guided along to ensure that the healing occurs in the right areas. If periodontal tissue needs to be replaced in advance of dental implants, Dr. Doctor may opt for guided tissue regeneration. This works with a membrane that has special cells which encourage the growth of new tissue. Placed strategically, this membrane can help to create the proper environment for dental implants.

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Guided Bone Regeneration

Dental implants require plenty of sturdy bone tissue for success, and this procedure can help create it even after the teeth have been missing for a while. Just like with guided tissue regeneration, the guided bone regeneration procedure makes use of a special membrane to encourage the growth of bone around a dental implant or to preserve a socket after tooth extraction.

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Multiple Recession

Sinus Atrophy after Extraction

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Gum grafting and other periodontal procedures are often required for the maintenance of a healthy, lasting smile. To learn more about these surgeries or to schedule an appointment, do not hesitate to get in touch with Dr. Doctor. He is the dentist Southlake trusts with their periodontal needs!