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Gum and Bone Regeneration - Southlake, TX

When significant bone or gum tissue have been lost due to disease, professional intervention can correct the issue and help you regain sufficient structure to make the gums and surrounding structures more stable. This is often required before dental implant placement. Dr. Ravi Doctor offers quality gum and bone regeneration in Southlake-- keep reading to learn more about these services and how they work.

Tissue & Bone Regeneration

Healthy gum tissue

Gum disease eats away at the healthy gums and bone, taking away the solid foundation your teeth need to remain sturdy in the gum line and also making it difficult to replace them with dental implants. After the loss of significant structure, a gum/bone regeneration procedure may be recommended. Special growth membranes are strategically placed in areas of insufficiency to encourage the renewal of these tissues.

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Sinus Lifts

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Some areas are just too small, tight, or the bone is too weak for a dental implant to be placed. This is usually true for the upper premolars and molars -- but a sinus lift can help create the perfect environment for a rear molar. In this procedure, Dr. Doctor lifts the sinus and places new bone tissue within. Once this grows together, the area is sturdy and ready for the placement of the dental implant.

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Ridge Preservation

Tooth extraction

If you need to have a tooth extracted, Dr. Doctor may recommend ridge preservation be performed at the same time. This is a way for us to preserve as much of the underlying bone structure as possible -- possibly eliminating the need for a bone graft later on. This is because after a tooth has been lost, the tissues that once held it in place will begin to shrink. Ridge preservation prevents this from occurring, paving the way for a healthy, natural-looking dental implant to take the tooth’s place. 

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Bone Grafting

Dental X-rays

Bone grafting may be performed throughout the jaw to create the ideal environment for dental implants. This is recommended when significant bone structure has been lost due as a result of missing teeth or due to disease, usually periodontitis. To perform a bone graft, your dentist in South Lake takes healthy bone tissue and places it in the area where it has been lost. The dental implant can either be placed at the same time or after the tissue has integrated with the jaw.

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Cytoplasm Membrane

Placing a cytoplasm membrane over a bone graft can help to prevent the gum tissue from growing into the area. This method preserves the structure of the area and creates the best environment for the dental implant placement to come later on. If Dr. Doctor chooses this method, a cytoplasm membrane will be placed between the bone and the gum tissue. Part of the membrane is usually left exposed to allow for easy removal a few weeks later.

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Single - Stage Procedure for Increasing attached Gingiva

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