Missing teeth negatively impact much more than just the appearance of your smile. Tooth loss can make it substantially more difficult to chew comfortably, speak clearly, and enjoy other aspects of your day-to-day life. What’s more, missing even just one tooth can lead to significant jawbone loss, shifting teeth, and a higher risk of serious oral health issues. While there are plenty of options you can choose from to replace your teeth, dental implants stand head and shoulders above the rest. This state-of-the-art treatment is the only one that can help you say goodbye to gaps in your smile permanently!

Recognized as Arlington's only Board Certified Dental Implantologist, Dr. Ravi Doctor has regularly been sought out to teach up-and-coming dentists how to effectively use this treatment to improve the lives of their patients. At his own dental office in Arlington, this state-of-the-art procedure enables him to replace any number of teeth for a lifetime to come, and he uses the latest technology to ensure fantastic results, including computer tomography, intaoral scans, low-radiation X-rays, 3D printed surgical guides, and CBCT images.

What Are Dental Implants

An implant is a synthetic tooth root in the shape of a post that is surgically placed into the jawbone. The “root” is usually made of titanium: the same material used in many replacement hips and knees, and a metal that is well-suited to pairing with human bone. An implant crown is then fixed to the post. The implant crown can be either permanently attached or removable. Permanent teeth are more stable and feel more like natural teeth. The ideal candidate for implants is a non-smoker who has good oral health, including a sufficient amount of bone in the jaw, and healthy gums with no sign of gum disease.


The 4 Step Dental Implant Process

Since dental implants replace missing teeth both above and below the gum line, they naturally require a more involved process than traditional options like dentures and dental bridges. Every patient’s journey towards a completed smile will be slightly different, but there are four main stages of treatment you can expect: the initial consultation and preliminary treatments, dental implant surgery, osseointegration and abutment placement, and the delivery of your final implant crown.

With most other dental offices in Arlington, patients need to visit multiple doctors to have this all completed. Dr. Doctor, however, has the advanced training, experience, and equipment to provide the entire treatment from start to finish. From your first consultation, all the way until you walk out of our dental office with a new smile, you’ll be able to work with the same dentist and team that you know and trust, saving plenty of time and money along the way.

Implant Services

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Our implant services include:

  • Sinus Lift Augmentation: Often the sinuses will enlarge following the loss of the upper back teeth. This can preclude the placement of dental implants in the upper back areas of the mouth since the sinus is an air-filled space and dental implants need to be surrounded by solid bone. A sinus lift augmentation/graft is a surgical procedure that restores the sinus cavity to its original size and replaces the bone that has been lost as a result of the enlarged sinus. This new bone graft typically takes nine to 12 months to heal before the dental implants can be placed into the grafted bone.
  • Autogenous Bone Grafting: Occasionally, the ideal areas for dental implants do not have sufficient bone quantity to support the implants. In these cases, it is often necessary to “borrow” bone from another area of your mouth and graft it into the deficient area. Often, the area of choice is from the chin or in the back of the jaw where your wisdom teeth used to be.
  • Implant Site Development: When a tooth needs to be removed due to infection, it is not uncommon to have lost bone around the infected tooth. In these cases, various types of bone grafting can be done at the same time the tooth is removed to facilitate the placement of a dental implant at a later date.
  • Computer-Enhanced Treatment Planning: We have special software on our computer that allows us to evaluate your dental CT scan in three dimensions for bone quality, important anatomical structures, and bone location, enabling the best possible placement of your dental implants. This also allows us to ensure an ideal result in restoration where your dental implants are concerned.
  • Implant Maintenance: Once your dental implant restoration is completed, it is important to keep the area clean and infection-free. Dental implants can accumulate plaque and tartar just as teeth can. Whether you have just one tooth replaced by an implant or several, a professional cleaning schedule will be necessary to keep your implants healthy. The time interval for these professional cleanings will be determined by your individual needs.

Implant Dentures

Recent studies indicate that about one in six American adults over the age of 65 don’t have any natural teeth left. Severe tooth loss can have a dramatic effect on a patient’s quality of life, impacting everything from day-to-day activities to their long-term health. If you’re trying to manage without your teeth or if you’re frustrated with your removable denture, we can help you achieve the confident smile you deserve with implant dentures at Arlington Dental Professionals! Read on to learn more about this state-of-the-art tooth loss solution and give us a call today to see if implant dentures are right for you.

Implant dentures are carefully crafted from high-quality materials to mimic the appearance and strength of natural teeth. Similar to traditional removable dentures, implant dentures consist of a gum-colored base that has custom-made replacement teeth set into it to replace an arch of teeth. However, instead of resting on top of your gums, this type of denture is securely anchored in place with the help of dental implants. Thanks to this unique placement, your new denture will look, feel, and function almost exactly like real teeth. Depending on your unique needs and preferences, we may recommend one of two options:

Fixed/Permanent Implant Dentures

Once attached to the 4-6 strategically placed dental implants around your jawbone, a fixed or permanent denture will remain firmly in place. You’ll wear this denture 24/7 and won’t have to worry about taking it out to soak or clean. Instead, it will only be removed by your Arlington implant specialist for maintenance and cleanings. For this ultra-convenient denture, you’ll need to have a strong and healthy jawbone.

Removable Implant Dentures

Alternatively, removable implant dentures (sometimes called overdentures) can be snapped onto and off of your dental implants when needed. While you’ll need to take this denture out now and again, you’ll be able to fully enjoy all the benefits of dental implants when wearing it. This type of denture may be a better choice for patients with weaker jawbones. Sometimes, an existing denture can be retrofitted to work as a removable implant denture.

A new, beautiful smile in just one day!

Maintain optimal oral function and aesthetics with All-on-4 same-day teeth replacement. Using state-of-the-art technology, All-on-4 treatment replaces traditional dentures, which can be uncomfortable, inconvenient, and poorly fitted. All-on-4 turns problematic chewing and speaking into relics of the past.

Using only four dental implants to attach a full dental restoration, your doctor can give you the stable, functional, and cosmetic solution you've been looking for. Best of all, your dentures can be placed on the same day as your implants, so you don't have to wait to get the restored smile you deserve.

The Benefits of All-on-4

  • Because All-on-4 allows full-arch restoration with only four implants, your treatment and recovery time are greatly reduced.
  • All-on-4 lowers the need for bone graft surgery while ensuring greater stability in the existing bone. It can even be used for patients who have been told they do not qualify for implants due to bone loss.
  • The All-on-4 solution is more comfortable than traditional dentures because All-on-4 implants are more secure and feel like natural teeth.
  • You'll never have to worry about your false teeth slipping or falling out while you eat or engage in conversation.
  • There is no need for denture adhesive!


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Posterior single implant occlusal accesses



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