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Lower Implant Retained Overdenture - Southlake, TX

Model of lower implant overdentures restoration Replacing missing teeth is essential. Even if it’s just one tooth, foregoing restoration can be detrimental to oral and overall health as well as a patient’s self-confidence. For patients who are missing an entire row or both arches of their teeth, these adverse effects are even greater. Traditional full dentures are notoriously uncomfortable. They slip and rub against soft tissue. Worst of all, this uncomfortable restoration only renews about 20% of natural chewing function. It’s hardly worth the effort.

Dental implants increase stability, but the process can be expensive, lengthy, and wasteful for patients who already have traditional dentures. Additionally, some patients would prefer to remove their dentures for various reasons. One of the common reasons patients prefer a removable prosthetic is for ease of cleaning. Older patients, especially those with arthritis, can struggle to safely brush and floss an implant-retained denture. For these patients, removable dentures that can be soaked in cleaning fluid are preferable. That leaves some patients with a difficult choice, but Southlake denture patients of Ravi Doctor, DDS can have the best of both worlds. Implant retained overdentures snap into place supported by dental implants, but they are removable like a traditional tooth replacement prosthetic.

The Dental Implant Placement Process

As with any dental implant supported tooth replacement plan, the process is typically completed over the course of two phases. The initial phase of treatment includes the placement of dental implant posts, and the second is the design and restoration of your overdenture. We begin by placing about four dental implants. The surgical placement is minimally invasive, and patients healthy enough for basic medical care are typically healthy enough for this procedure. We place a small incision in the gum line. Then, the titanium post is positioned. A cap is placed over the implant post. This protects the site and keeps the gums from healing over the implant post, so we can attach the abutments that connect the denture to the supportive implants. Following the surgical placement of the implant posts, patients will need to allow several months for the implant to fuse with the jawbone, mimicking the lost root system.

During this waiting period, we’ll design and craft the patient’s denture. For some patients, we are able to refit an existing dental prosthetic. This saves time and money. We simply send the existing denture to the lab to be fitted with attachment pieces. For patients who need a brand new denture, we capture impressions of your bite and design your overdenture after we place the abutment pieces. Once the final overdenture is returned to our dental office, you’ll come back for a fitting. The dentist will snap the denture into place and make sure the fit is correct. If the denture fits properly, he will show you how to remove and replace your overdentures, so you can do so at home. If your denture is not comfortable, we will send it back to the lab for adjustment until you are completely happy with the results.

Benefits of a Removable Implant Retained Overdenture

If you’re still not sure that an implant retained overdenture is right for you, contact the caring Southlake dentist and team at the dental office of Ravi Doctor, DDS to schedule a consultation. We’ll walk you through all of your tooth replacement options and help you find the best solution to meet your unique needs. Before your consultation, consider the following benefits associated with implant retained overdentures:

  • Easy to clean - simply remove to brush or soak
  • Existing dentures can often be adjusted to fit implants
  • Your current denture will last longer, if it’s attached to implants
  • Ability to safely chew a variety of foods