Office Visits

Whether you’ve already scheduled an appointment with Dr. Ravi Doctor or are still thinking about it, he and our entire team are eager to welcome you into our dental office! Here, we strive to combine convenience, affordability, and quality to deliver a dental experience unlike any other. Our Arlington dental office can be found on the corner of S Bowen Rd and Smith Barry Rd at the end of the building complex.

You’ll find that our facility is truly state-of-the-art, featuring surgical microscopes that Dr. Doctor uses during every procedure to ensure he sees every minor detail. He also employs fiber-optic technology to help him spot potential problems as early as possible. Thanks to these technologies and many others, Dr. Doctor will be able to show you high-definition pictures of your mouth so you can be fully aware of your dental needs and easily understand what he is talking about. With Dr. Doctor, you aren’t just a patient, but a partner, so he’ll tailor your care to suit your unique personality and situation starting at your very first appointment.

Comforts & Amenities

When you come to visit us here in Arlington, the first thing you’ll probably notice is that our dental office doesn’t look anything like your typical dental office, and that’s by design! Dr. Doctor wanted to create a soothing atmosphere that makes it easy for our patients to relax as soon as they step through our doors.

In our greeting room, you’ll find a space filled with oversized lounge chairs, calming music, and an overall atmosphere that is more similar to a high-end spa rather than a clinic.

Fortunately, the luxury doesn’t end in the lobby. In our treatment rooms, you’ll be able to put up your feet and unwind on our heated massage dental chairs. You’ll feel like you’re floating on a cloud during your appointment! To ensure you’re as cozy as possible, warm, ultra-soft blankets are available as well. Above you, you’ll find high-def monitors equipped with Netflix.

If all this isn’t enough to curb your dental-related anxiety, we’re happy to offer nitrous oxide and other types of sedation dentistry as well to help any lingering fears quickly disappear.

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