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Assisting Procedures with Piezotome - Southlake, TX

The dental piezotome is an ultrasonic generator that greatly aids in pre-implants, wisdom teeth extraction, and sinus lift procedures. Instead of using a dental drill that cuts soft tissue and anything in its path, the piezotome only cuts bone so that it minimizes the risk of slippage resulting in damages (excellent for sinus augmentation/lift procedures compared to a dental drill). This tool is extremely precise and allows the experienced hand to selectively cut with the utmost control, allowing for a superior, cleaner cut and more precise placement of an implant. This machine also provides superior control in surgical procedures. With the use of the piezotome in Southlake for implant dentistry, those with delicate bones can still be candidates for implants and surgeries. The ultrasonic pulse replaces the hard chatter of a dental drill. This is clearly an indispensable tool that we have adopted for everyday use in our dental offices.


Piezosurgery device

Piezosurgery is a relatively new technique used in dental-surgical situations that require the removal of bone tissue, (i.e. the removal of a tooth, periodontal surgery, sinus lifts, or implant surgery). Using an ultrasonic vibrating tip and water rather than a powerful rotating drill, the Piezosurgery unit is much safer, less traumatic, causes little to no bleeding, and greatly accelerates healing times.  The main goal of using a piezotome is to remove bone without damaging the neighboring soft tissues, gums, and delicate sinus membranes that lie in close proximity to the underlying bone.

An excellent analogy is the use of plaster cast removers by orthopedic surgeons. If you have ever had a plaster cast to set a broken bone, you will remember that the vibrating saw used to remove that hard cast only cut the plaster and did not harm your skin underneath, even if the saw came in contact with that tissue.

The piezosurgery unit works in much the same way. Precise, ultrasonic vibrations sent to the tip of the surgical handpiece only remove bone, and leave the surrounding tissues untouched. Your dentist, Dr. Doctor, has intensive training and experience in piezosurgergical technique and has had excellent feedback from his patients.