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Post & Core Root Canal Therapy - Southlake, TX

RCT Crown Lengthening

Post and core root canal therapy in Southlake is a procedure in which a metal component of an extensive tooth repair is required to rebuild a tooth in order to provide proper support for a crown. Post and core is a thin metal rod that is cemented into the root of a tooth. It consists of a post that fits into the root canal and a core portion that project above the gum. A new replacement crown will be cemented into position over the core.

At times there is a situation when teeth are badly broken down after root canal treatment, a post-and-core becomes necessary. These teeth need to be built up before they can have a replacement crown fitted over them. Post-and-core fabrication is the method of choice for the build-up process. It can only be placed in a tooth that has had a root canal because the space previously occupied by the nerve is now filled.

Dr. Doctor shapes the root canal and pulp chamber after the completion of root canal therapy. After x-rays of the treated tooth have been taken, an impression of the prepared tooth will also be taken. A dental technician will then make the metal post-and-core, which Dr. Doctor will cement into the root. The post will act like an anchor for the placement of your crown. Post is usually recommended when there is inadequate support for a crown after endodontic treatment. The core and remaining tooth will be finally shaped before a replacement crown is made to fit over it.

There are two major types of posts. One type is preformed. They come in different shapes and sizes. The other type are cast posts, which are custom made in the lab from special metals and are stronger. The preformed posts take one visit and cast posts need two visits to either the Southlake dental office to complete.