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Sedation Dentistry - Southlake, TX

Dr. Doctor completed his anesthetic residency from the School of Dentistry at the University of Alabama at Birmingham for intravenous (I.V.) sedation. Some people avoid dental care altogether and suffer sometimes for the rest of their lives due to dental fear. In keeping with our desire to provide the best possible dental care for all patients, Dr. Doctor offers conscious sedation dentistry in Southlake for those who have dental fear, a high level of anxiety, and for those undergoing intensive oral surgery.

Dr. Doctor is certified in:

Conscious Sedation Dentistry

Relaxed woman with hands behind her head

Conscious sedation is different than general anesthesia because you do not fully lose consciousness, and your vital rhythms such as heart rate and breathing remain at near normal levels such as those related to when you sleep. However, although you will remain "awake" during treatment and able to respond to verbal instructions, conscious sedation will allow you to feel relaxed and comfortable. You will be constantly monitored for proper administration and safety throughout your procedure. Our dental offices utilize heart rate and blood pressure monitors that measure oxygen saturation levels as well. We also administer reverse sedation drugs that instantly eliminate the sedative state of the patient before they leave, if necessary.

Oral Sedation

Oral sedation is very safe and quite effective. It allows you to undergo treatment for a more extended period of time during a single visit, which can result in fewer necessary visits for the completion of multiple procedures. It is also very beneficial that oral sedation is not just safe but is also effective for a number of hours even after the appointment, allowing you to remain in a restful, relaxed state if you wish.

Oral sedation may be utilized by itself. However, nitrous oxide may be used along with oral sedation. If the doctor decides this combination is right for you, you have this option to enhance your state of relaxation and allow you to experience your entire procedure as pleasant and comfortable.

Nitrous Oxide

Nitrous oxide is another form of conscious sedation. A number of benefits are offered by the use of nitrous oxide. It allows complete awareness/consciousness throughout treatment. It takes away fear and lessens anxiety. Nitrous oxide can also lessen your anxiety regarding injections, sometimes used to replace an injection of local anesthesia.

Nitrous oxide is a local form of anesthesia that allows you an increased sense of control. It allows an increased level of comfort throughout your procedure and raises your level of relaxation. Also, it diminishes the gag reflex and saliva flow so that the procedure progresses more smoothly. Finally, two of its primary benefits are that it allows the adjustment of sedation requirements throughout your procedure and that its effects are fully reversed within a short period.

Whenever we administer any type of conscious sedation you will be properly monitored to assure your safety!

Oral and I.V. Sedation Dentistry

Woman with nitrous oxide noose mask

Sedation dentistry can offer the perfect solution for maintaining your dental health while assuring complete relaxation.

You are given a small pill to take one hour prior to your dental appointment. Due to the sedative effects of the medication, you will need someone to accompany you or you can gladly relax in our front office lobby until time. You will become very drowsy. You will be escorted into the comfort room, covered with a thick, warm blanket and placed on a monitor to watch your vital signs. This little pill will work rapidly to create a relaxed state. Although you are in a deeply relaxed sleep-like state, you are responsive.

Beyond creating an optimal environment for you, sedation dentistry allows us to complete multiple treatments in one appointment. You can relax from two to six hours. The time you are in the deeply relaxed state will vary depending on your needed treatment and type of anesthesia delivered.

When your treatment is completed, you will be escorted to your car by a member of the dental spa team. Then your companion will take you home. The next day, you will feel refreshed and glad you visited Dr. Doctor for the health and beauty of your smile

People typically experience various degrees of anxiety in anticipation of potentially painful dental procedures, yet few are aware of the simple solution of 'conscious sedation'. Of course, local anesthesia can effectively numb specific tissues prior to a procedure and traditional analgesics can effectively relieve post-procedural pain. These methods are often not enough to eliminate anxiolysis (anxiety), rendering the entire experience a real trial. Fortunately, Dr. Doctor is able to combine traditional medications with special anti-anxiety agents such as nitrous oxide or sedatives to actually eliminate pain and worry, while maintaining patient responsiveness to voice and touch. The patient simply receives the sedation agent enterally, through inhalation or injection, and then relaxes comfortably throughout the entire visit.