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Surgical Procedures in Arlington, TX

Ravi Doctor, DDS, conveniently situated in Arlington, TX, offers a range of advanced dental procedures, including oral surgery. Oral surgery encompasses various surgical interventions involving the mouth, teeth, and jaw, addressing critical aspects of dental care. As a dedicated general dentist and Board-Certified Oral Implantologist, Ravi Doctor, DDS offers tailored surgical solutions to address each patient’s unique needs, ensuring optimal oral health outcomes. If you’re seeking comprehensive dental care, our practice is your trusted destination for quality treatment.

Advantages of Oral Surgery

Undergoing surgical procedures at Ravi Doctor, DDS presents numerous benefits, enhancing both your dental well-being and overall quality of life. Our procedures are designed to alleviate discomfort, restore missing teeth, and enhance smile aesthetics. Whether you require emergency intervention or planned procedures, our clinic is equipped to handle diverse oral health needs with precision and efficiency. Additionally, our surgical interventions play a vital role in preparing the oral environment for subsequent dental procedures like implants or orthodontic treatments, fostering lasting dental health.

Suitable Candidates for Oral Surgical Procedures

Ideal candidates for surgical procedures encompass individuals encountering dental challenges that necessitate specialized intervention beyond routine dental care. These may include tooth loss, and other complex dental issues. At Ravi Doctor, DDS, our priority is to conduct thorough evaluations to determine the most appropriate surgical and restorative approach for each patient. Ravi Doctor, DDS is an experienced general dentist and board-certified oral implantologist, proficient in oral surgery techniques such as dental implants, bone grafting and Teeth-in-A-Day procedures. Dr. Doctor is dedicated to delivering personalized solutions that address the specific needs of our patients, establishing our practice as a preferred choice for dental care in Arlington.

The Surgical Process: A Comprehensive Overview

At Ravi Doctor, DDS, our surgical procedures are meticulously conducted to ensure optimal outcomes and patient comfort. Our process commences with a detailed consultation to understand your dental history and address any concerns you may have. Diagnostic assessments, such as X-rays or CT scans, are performed to precisely plan the surgery, utilizing advanced techniques and equipment to minimize discomfort and maximize effectiveness. We provide comprehensive post-operative care, closely monitoring your recovery progress and offering guidance and support throughout the healing journey.

Post-Surgical Care and Maintenance

Effective aftercare is vital for promoting swift and smooth recovery following surgical procedures. At Ravi Doctor, DDS, our team provides detailed aftercare instructions, encompassing dietary recommendations, medication guidelines, and oral hygiene practices. We schedule routine follow-up appointments to monitor your recovery and address any concerns that may arise. Our unwavering commitment to your long-term dental health positions us as a trusted provider of comprehensive dental care in Arlington, catering to the diverse needs of our patients with professionalism and compassion.

Sinus Lift Augmentation: Who is a candidate for a sinus lift?

A sinus lift is not a procedure that most people think about before dental implant surgery, but it is a process that may be necessary. Not all people who need dental implants will require a sinus lift. Those who have lost upper back teeth are more likely to need a lift to support the implant.


How long is the recovery period after oral surgery?

Recovery times can vary based on the type of surgery and the individual's health. Generally, most patients start to feel better within a few days, with complete healing taking a few weeks.

Is oral surgery painful?

We use advanced pain management techniques to ensure patient comfort. Any post-surgical discomfort is typically manageable with prescribed medication.

Are oral surgeries covered by insurance?

Coverage varies by insurance provider and policy. Our staff can help you in understanding your benefits and exploring financing options.

For more information or to schedule a consultation with an experienced emergency oral surgeon at Ravi Doctor, DDS, please contact our clinic.

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