Root Canal Therapy in Arlington, TX

Root Canal Therapy in Arlington, TX

Root canal therapy becomes essential when the nerve of a tooth becomes infected and begins to decay. The living tissue inside your tooth or the pulp, nerves, bacteria, and any present decay is removed during a root canal treatment in Arlington, TX. The space left behind is then filled with dental materials to restore the health and function of the teeth.

When to Talk to Ravi Doctor, DDS, About Root Canal Therapy

Knowing when to come to Ravi Doctor DDS, a dentist near you to talk about having a root canal therapy treatment can be difficult. When your teeth begin to hurt, you may not think that it would require a root canal in Arlington. However, if you are experiencing any of these symptoms, bring it up with your dentist to talk about what options are available to begin to fix the problem:

  1. Tooth sensitivity to hot or cold substances
  2. Intense tooth pain
  3. Swelling
  4. Tenderness
  5. An abscess on the gums

If there is decay within the tooth pulp, the tooth has sustained injury or trauma, or an infection or abscess has developed inside of the tooth or root, it may be recommended that you have a root canal performed at your earliest convenience.


Benefits of Root Canal Therapy

There are many benefits to having root canal treatment with Ravi Doctor DDS, a dentist near you.

They are virtually painless procedures and leave you in less pain and discomfort than before or if you were to have the tooth extracted entirely. Additionally, having root canal therapy allows you to keep your natural smile, continue to eat all your favorite foods and prevent the need of removing the tooth.

We understand that coming in for a root canal treatment can be a stressful time. We offer different forms of sedation so that you can have a pain-free procedure. These options and all of the oral health care options available to repair and restore your health and smile can be discussed when you come in for your initial visit.

Dr. Ravi Doctor will perform a comprehensive exam that will then be used to create an overall health and treatment plan that addresses all of your needs, questions or concerns that you may have.

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